Voice sampling​ with Ensemble

We need people with non-standard speech to donate new speech samples to Voiceitt’s database, to help develop their speech recognition technology.

Participants will record packs of words and phrases through the Ensemble website.

  • Each word or phrase is displayed on screen.
  • You press ‘record’, speak the phrase, then press ‘stop’.
  • Each phrase only needs to be recorded once, and you can skip any difficult phrases.

Someone from the project team will help you to get started and stay in touch to help and hear how you’re getting on.

Voiceitt couldn’t do this work without the help of users donating their voice recordings. We hope to collect as many recordings as possible, but we understand that it will be easier for some people than others, and all contributions are very much appreciated!

What’s in it for you?​

  • Help improve speech recognition technology for people with speech difficulties
  • Gift cards to thank you for your contribution – up to £50 or €55 if you complete 10 recording sessions
  • Bonus gift cards for those who reach 30, 200, 500 and 1,000 recordings – up to an extra £50 or €55 in total

Donating your speech samples won’t benefit you directly, but your contribution could potentially benefit many people around the world!

You may also want to get involved in testing and feedback, to help improve the Voiceitt app as it’s developed.​

Get in touch!​

To get involved or for more information, contact us or email liz@karten-network.co.uk.