Testing & feedback

We want people who have impaired speech to test Voiceitt’s app and tell us what they think.

We’ll ask participants to​

  • Choose around 15 specific phrases or smart home commands which will be useful to you​
  • Train Voiceitt to recognise how you say these – you can say the full phrase or a shorter prompt
  • After training, use your phrases or commands regularly over 4 months ​or more
  • Take part in an interview at the end of testing​ to tell us about how well the app works, how easy it is to use and what could be better

Screenshots from Voiceitt's smart home mode and photos of some smart speakers, smart light bulbs and a smart plug

What’s in it for you?​

  • Use of Voiceitt’s app for easier communication or smart home control
  • A chance to contribute to developing the app for future users
  • A £20 App Store or Google Play voucher and 6 months’ free use of Voiceitt after completing your feedback interview

​You may also want to get involved in voice sampling to help Voiceitt develop the way their speech recognition works.​

Get in touch!​

To get involved or for more information, contact us or email liz@karten-network.co.uk.