Partner organisations

We hope that organisations who support people with speech difficulties who may benefit from using Voiceitt will support their involvement in the project. We have funding available to reimburse organisations for help to promote the Nuvoic project and identify eligible candidates, and for supporting their enrolment and participation.​ We will work closely with organisations to support these activities, providing materials and technical support as required.​

We currently have participants supported by the Cedar Foundation in Northern Ireland, FitzRoy services across the south of England, The Grange at Bookham, Homefield College in Loughborough, Hill House in Sandbach (Leonard Cheshire), National Star in Cheltenham and New Bridge Horizons in Oldham, and the list is growing!

What’s involved for organisations​

Due to Covid-19 we can’t currently offer the level of face-to-face support to participants that we would like to. We can offer visits by request but we expect to provide support remotely in general. ​

Therefore, we’re asking for support from partners to

  • identify people you support who may benefit from using Voiceitt
  • present them with information about the project
  • enrol participants and record their informed consent​
  • support the technical set-up, including access – we can provide equipment on loan
  • support participation​
  • keep in touch with the project team about participants’ progress and any problems.​


We have funding available to reimburse organisations for staff time spent supporting the Nuvoic project – organisations can calculate claims for reimbursement based on the number of hours contributed. ​

Get in touch!​

To get involved or for more information, contact us or email