Get involved!

There are two ways to get involved with the Nuvoic project and contribute to Voiceitt’s accessible speech recognition.

  • We want people to test the app, including the new smart home controls, and tell us what they think​​
  • We need new speech samples for Voiceitt’s database, to help develop their speech recognition technology

Who can take part?​

We’re looking for people who​:

  • Are aged 13+​​
  • Have ‘non-standard’ speech​, sometimes not understood by others​​
  • Want to use speech to communicate​​ or control smart devices
  • Are interested in technology​​
  • Can use a tablet or phone by touchscreen​​
  • Can read in-app instructions​​
  • Can understand what’s involved & give informed consent to take part​​, or have consent from their parent or guardian

What’s in it for you?​

  • Help improve speech recognition technology for people with non-standard speech
  • Free use of Voiceitt’s app and smart home equipment during testing​​
  • Gift vouchers to thank you for your time and effort

Details depend on whether you take part in testing or voice sampling (or both!).​

Intro video

Here’s a video introducing the project, the Voiceitt app, and opportunities to get involved in testing and development.


As well as working directly with individuals, family members and carers we hope to work with partner organisations such as our Karten Centre hosts and others offering services and support to people with impaired speech. We have funding available to reimburse local support teams for help to recruit and work with participants.​ For more information please see our information for partner organisations.

Get in touch!​

To get involved or for more information, contact us or email