Summary of Voiceitt terms of use

To install and use the Voiceitt app you will need to accept the app Terms of Use. The full Terms are available on Voiceitt’s website and a summary is given below. In this document ‘you’ means the person who will be using the Voiceitt app (or their parent or guardian if the user is under 18).​

Section 1 describes the app, Voiceitt’s right to change or stop providing the app or website and the countries (including the UK) where it can be used. You have to state that the registration data you provide is correct and confirm that you’re aged 18 or over (or you’re a parent or guardian for a user under 18), and that the app won’t be used for any illegal purpose.​

In section 2 you agree to​

  • give complete, correct information and will keep it up to date​
  • protect your user account, for example by using a strong password for the app or for your device​
  • never use another user’s account without permission. ​
  • be responsible for any loss, charge or damage which happens due through your user account, even if it was caused by someone else, unless you’ve already let Voiceitt know that someone else had access to your account

Voiceitt can refuse to set up an account.​

Section 3 describes how Voiceitt can change, freeze or close your account at any time, for example if it hasn’t been used for a long time or if they think you have broken the agreement. You can ask for your account to be closed at any time and Voiceitt will close it as soon as they can. Voiceitt may investigate if they think you have broken the agreement, especially if they think you may have done something illegal.​

Section 4 relates to your data including voice recordings. You agree to only upload your own data, and nothing which is illegal, offensive, threatening, harmful or anything which encourages these types of behaviour. Voiceitt may monitor your data for inappropriate or illegal behaviour. Voiceitt is not responsible for what you upload or post.​

Section 5 states that you continue to own all of your data, but you must agree to allow Voiceitt and its partners to use your data in any way they choose to provide, develop, test, improve or alter how their apps or website work, or produce summary reports containing no personal details. For example, your voice recordings will be added to Voiceitt’s database to improve their voice recognition for all users. All other aspects of the apps and website are owned by Voiceitt and you agree only to use them as described in the agreement. Any feedback you give may be used or shared by Voiceitt in any way they choose.

Section 6 outlines how you can and can’t use the apps and website. For example, you can’t sell, share, copy or adapt them, combine them with other apps or interfere with how they work. In section 7 you agree that Voiceitt is not responsible for any sites or material from other organisations which you may reach using their apps or website.​

Sections 8 and 9 state that the apps are still being developed and may not work as expected at times. Therefore you agree to use them at your own risk and accept that there is no guarantee of how well they will work. In section 10 states that Voiceitt takes no responsibility for any loss of data, errors, injury or damage, periods where the apps or website are unavailable, computer viruses or posts sent by somebody else through their site. 

In section 11 you agree that you and not Voiceitt will be responsible for paying any costs due to you breaking the agreement or the law, including the cost of Voiceitt’s lawyer if they choose to use one. Voiceitt will not pay any costs which come from your use or inability to use their apps or website.

Section 12 explains what you should do if your copyrighted work has been copied and made available by somebody else on Voiceitt’s apps or website.​

In section 13, if you use Voiceitt’s apps or website on an Apple device you agree that Apple has no responsibility for any problems with these, and agree to use them as described in Apple’s Usage Rules (a separate agreement). You agree that Apple might get involved in making sure your License Agreement with Voiceitt is kept.​

Section 14 describes how any dispute between you and Voiceitt will be decided in law if it can’t be sorted out informally. Sections 15 and 16 give general legal information and contact details for Voiceitt.​

A separate privacy policy is also available.