Summary of Recorditt terms of use

To take part in voice sampling, you will need to install the Recorditt app and accept the Terms of Use. The following is a summary of the Terms. In this document ‘you’ means the person who will be using the Recorditt app. ​

The Recorditt Terms allow you to install and use Recorditt to upload voice recordings matching the prompts in the app. You agree that these voice recordings will be added to Voiceitt’s database and used by them and their partners to improve their voice recognition technology.  ​

Section 3 outlines how you can and can’t use Recorditt. For example, you can’t sell, share, copy or adapt it, combine it with other apps or interfere with how it works, or use it for anything illegal. ​

In section 4 you agree to let Voiceitt collect data about you, including your voice recordings and related information about your health. More details are available in Voiceitt’s privacy policy, and summarised on the Participant Information and Consent form. ​

Section 5 reminds you that you’ve also agreed to the terms and conditions of the App Store to download and use Recorditt. In section 6, you agree that Apple has no responsibility for any problems with Recorditt and that Apple can get involved in making sure the Recorditt terms and conditions are kept. ​

In section 7 you agree that your voice recordings as well as the app and logos are owned by Voiceitt. Voiceitt will have the right to use any feedback from you about Recorditt. ​

In section 8 you state that you are over 18 and able to give consent to the terms & conditions, or if the user is under 18 a parent or guardian is giving consent on their behalf. More detail is given on how Recorditt may not be used for anything illegal. You agree not to interfere with how it works, for example by hacking or introducing a computer virus.  ​

The agreement starts when Recorditt is installed and lasts while you use it in the agreed ways. Voiceitt can end the agreement if you break it and you would have to uninstall the app. ​

In section 10 you agree to use Recorditt ‘as is’ and accept that there is no guarantee of how well it will work. In section 11 you agree to use Recorditt at your own risk and agree that Voiceitt takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or expense related to your use of the app. ​

In section 12 you agree that you and not Voiceitt will be responsible for paying any costs due to you breaking the agreement or the law, including the cost of Voiceitt’s lawyer if they choose to use one.T​

The final sections give general legal information and contact details for Voiceitt. ​