Participant information – testing & feedback

If you would like and are eligible to take part in voice sampling for the Nuvoic project, we’ll send you an information and consent form with the following information. We will go through this with you at enrolment so you can ask any questions before you decide whether to take part.​

Information and consent form

Thank you for your interest in the Nuvoic Project!​

The Nuvoic Project aims to improve voice recognition technology for people who have non-standard (‘dysarthric’) speech. It is run by Voiceitt – a specialist app developer, and the Karten Network – a network of IT centres for disabled people.

Voiceitt and their partners are working on an app, designed to help people with non-standard speech to communicate with people who may not understand them or to control smart home devices. We are looking for volunteers with ‘non-standard’ or ‘dysarthric’ speech to test the app, to tell us what things work well and what could be better.

Who can take part?​

We are looking for people aged 16 or older, who have non-standard speech which can be understood by familiar people but sometimes not by others. They will need to read the instructions on screen and control the app using the touchscreen on a tablet or smartphone.

What would I have to do?​

We will ask participants to

  • choose around 15 phrases or smart home commands
  • train the app to recognise how you say these
  • practise using the app for communication or smart home control for 3 months or more

At the end of testing we’d like you to take part in an interview which will last around 1 hour, to tell us

  • Is the app easy or difficult to set up and use?
  • Does it help you to do the things you want to do?
  • What do you like and what could be better?

Benefits and risks​

We hope you will find the Voiceitt app useful and hope you will benefit from easier communication and smart home control! If not, then your feedback will help us to improve the app which may benefit you and other users in the future. There is a risk that the app may not work well for you, and what you want to say is spoken wrongly. This could mean that people misunderstand you or that devices don’t respond in the way you want.  

What’s in it for me?​

If you complete the testing and the interview we will send you a £20 voucher for your chosen app store. You will also have free use of the Voiceitt app during your participation and for 6 months after completing your interview.

Your data​

  • If you agree to take part in the project, we will record your name, date of birth, email address, information about your speech and related health conditions, information about how you use the Voiceitt app including login times and what activities you do, your voice recordings and your location. Voiceitt may convert your voice recordings into text.
  • We will use this information to develop, test and improve the voice recognition and Voiceitt app and support your progress in the project. We will use summaries of participants’ data to write reports about the project, but these won’t contain any personal details. Voiceitt may send you newsletters or marketing by email but you can ask them to stop.
  • Voiceitt may share your information with other partners as part of their business. This may include sharing information about your internet and app use and you may see targeted adverts based on this information while browsing online.
  • Your data will be accessed by Voiceitt in Israel and may be transferred to their partners in the USA and other countries. Voiceitt will make sure that your data are protected in a similar way as they would be in the UK.
  • We will keep your data for six months after the end of the project. Voiceitt will keep your user data for longer if you continue to use their app after this point. Your voice data will be kept permanently but it will no longer be identifiable as yours.
  • You have the right to know what data we have collected about you, to make sure that it is correct and to ask for a copy. You can ask us to stop collecting, stop processing or delete your data at any time if you no longer want to use the apps or take part in the study.
  • We will make sure that we meet all of our legal responsibilities to protect your personal data.

More detailed information about how Voiceitt will use your data is available in their Privacy Policy, or you can email if you have any questions.​

Voiceitt Terms of Use​

The Voiceitt app can be used on an iPad or iPhone. To use it, you will first need to install the TestFlight app, which allows new apps to be tested, and then install Voiceitt. You will need to accept the Terms of Use for Voiceitt, the person enrolling you will explain what this means using a summary of the Voiceitt terms. Please let them know if you have any questions or concerns or if you don’t understand something.​

We hope that you will decide to take part in the Nuvoic project! Please ask the project team if you have any questions. You can contact us with questions or comments at any time: email ​

If you agree to take part you can choose to leave the project at any time, but please talk to us first about any problems so that we can try to help!​

Your consent​

If you decide to take part we will then ask you to record your consent, by agreeing to the following:​

  • I want to take part in the Nuvoic project and I understand the information above about what this means. ​
  • I understand that the project team will collect data about me as described above and I agree to this. ​
  • I’m over 18 and I understand what is covered in the Terms of Use for the Voiceitt app. I understand this is a legal agreement between me and Voiceitt. (If you’re under 18, a parent or guardian can agree to this on your behalf.)​
  • I understand that I can leave the project or change my mind about any part of this agreement at any time. If so, I will contact the project team to let them know.​

We will ask you to sign the form or record your consent verbally, and you will become our newest participant! We can then make arrangements with you to install Voiceitt and get started on your testing.​