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We made lots of videos and attended lots of events to tell people about our project, using the fantastic clips, photos and quotes shared by our participants.

14 thumbnail images are arranged in a collage. Each represents an event attended by the Nuvoic project team, such as photos from exhibitions and title slides from presentations.

Here’s a summary of our project events, or see our Nuvoic Blog page for more details.

  • November 2020: ‘Nuvoic Project: Accessible Speech Recognition’ video presentation at TechAbility, inviting individuals and organisations to get involved in the project
  • June 2021: the Nuvoic Project was featured in Forbes magazine – Voiceitt App for Atypical Speech – A Triumph in Disability Co-Design
  • July 2021 and 2022: ‘Voiceitt and the Nuvoic Project’ seminars for the University of Dundee MSc in Educational Assistive Technology
  • November 2021: ‘My Voiceitt Story’ presentation at TechAbility featuring participant Karl Cretzan and summarising testing and feedback received so far
  • February 2022: ‘Speech Recognition for All’ presentation at the Digifest Fringe event
  • March 2022: ‘The Nuvoic Project’ co-presentation with participant Daniel Burgess at Oakwood School
  • September 2022: Exhibition stand at the Communication Matters conference in Leeds
  • September 2022: ‘How can we make speech recognition technology work for everyone, including those with the most significant speech impairments?‘ article published on the Jisc Accessibility blog
  • November 2022: Exhibition stand and ‘Inclusive Speech Recognition through Co-Development’ co-presentation with Leonard Cheshire at TechAbility
  • January 2023: ‘Voice Technology for Atypical Speech’ presentation at Tech For Disability Inclusive Conversation event
  • February 2023: ‘Accessible Speech Recognition for Users with Dysarthric Speech’ presentation at the International Conference on Disability and Diversity, awarded ‘Best Presentation’ in its session

Video Gallery

Some of our participants show how they’ve been using Voiceitt’s app to control smart home technology like lights, blinds and TVs, ask Alexa about the weather or play music or the radio, using their own voices.
Nuvoic participant Trisha uses Voiceitt to control her mixer and a timer while making cupcakes
Nuvoic participant Claire uses Voiceitt’s new webapp to dictate her poetry
Mark demonstrates Voiceitt for Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021

Nuvoic participant Sarah uses Voiceitt to control the Smart Home technology at the Maples Smart Home bungalow at Portland College
Nuvoic participant Claire demonstrates Voiceitt’s new dictation app
Some of our early participants demonstrate the phrases and Alexa commands they’ve been testing in Voiceitt
Nuvoic participant Sarah talks about her experience using the Voiceitt app through the Nuvoic Project

The Karten Network team wishes everyone happy holidays in 2022!

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